Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Further on Men's Depression

As a follow-up to my previous post (Don't do it), which was inspired by Charlie Martin's article Bob Owens' Suicide, Dr. Helen Smith ("The InstaWife") has a related piece up, Men's Depression is Different | Dr. Helen.

When I heard about Bob Owens, I was heartbroken. Because as a psychologist, I know how much pain this man must have felt to have killed himself when he had two beautiful daughters. I have listened to men talk about these painful feelings for years, and I know that there is a good chance that some men will decide to do something differently than take their own life in the end. Some will not. What makes the difference? Someone who notices, cares and combats the distorted thoughts with the right words, therapy or both. Sometimes a difference can be made by changing an aspect of a person's life in one area or helping others to understand what a depressed boy or man looks like, or feels like.

One client I had was a young man who was extremely depressed. His tests showed his depression at over the 90th percentile but the teachers at his school had no idea. They thought that depressed people sat home and ate chocolate or seemed sad, not irritable and ill-natured like this kid. I explained to them the symptoms of male depression and it helped them understand that irritability, anger and defensiveness were part of this kids's depression. Once they understood what to watch for in this teen, we were able to work as a team with the school, his family and peers to help him to decrease his depression which in turn led to less anger and irritability and more success in school and at home.

Middle-aged and older men have a different set of problems but the solution is still the same: we must understand that men in our society get depressed, that the symptoms are often different than women's and that these men are deserving of our compassion, care, and medical intervention that needs to be tailored to men's issues and concerns and provided in ways that they can accept.

(Emphasis added.)

Look, just because you haven't won fame and fortune or medals doesn't mean you're a failure.

But in a society that hands out trophies for simply showing up, it can seem like it.

Worse, the values that we used to accept without hardly thinking are increasingly under attack. A man's word is his bond, a mans home is his castle...

Speak your mind, say your piece in disagreement with the Progressive narrative and riots break out.

Hell, the mere presence of a man, especially a middle aged white man, is enough to cause social justice warriors to start shrieking like air raid sirens. (Is "air raid sirens" a triggering phrase?)

 I'll close with this break down of suicide stats in Dr. Helen's article:
We say that there is a suicide crisis in our country but what we really need to address more in depth is male suicide. Men are 4-5 times more likely to take their lives. At the time I wrote my book, Men on Strike, the latest suicide statistics showed that of the 38,364 people who killed themselves in 2010, 30,277 were men. This is unacceptable. Bob Owens death is unacceptable. And face it, our biased, sexist society overlooks men's suicides because it is mainly white men who kill themselves. Some barbaric people even celebrate this fact.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Don't do it

So, at one time one of my favorite songs was the theme song to M*A*SH,  which, of course, is entitled "Suicide is painless." Nice song.

Evil sentiment.

You might end your own pain, but you just transfer it to those who care about you.

Instapundit » Blog Archive » PAY ATTENTION: Men’s Depression Is Subtle. But It Can Kill….

Link goes here: Bob Owens' Suicide

I never met Bob Owens.  I dropped comments at one or the other of his blogs over the years, but so far as I know he never knew who I am.

Nevertheless, we in the gun blogging and gun rights' communities have lost one of our own.

The sad thing is, I was discussing this matter the other day with a peer and colleague and friend at work, who was concerned about one of her crew. I suppose she expected me to pull some magic solution out of my ass, since he is also a retired NCO. I'm sure she was disappointed when I came up blank.

Bob Owens' Suicide
This is a man's depression.

It starts subtly, covertly. It creeps in on little cat feet.

It isn't a feeling of sadness. You're irritable, irascible, short-tempered. Often, you feel unusually tired, often achy -- it feels like you have a bit of a cold, or maybe the flu. You're not hungry, or you're hungry but nothing tastes good, nothing is appealing.

You start having trouble sleeping. Either you can't get to sleep, or you get to sleep but wake up at 3 a.m., and can't get back to sleep. Either way, you lie awake, and your thoughts start going to dark places -- replaying humiliations from your past, or fantasizing trouble in your future.

Of course, now that you're missing sleep, you're even more tired, more cranky. People start to wonder what's wrong, but they don't ask because it's not the sort of thing one does; and you know something is wrong, but you don't talk about it because you've been taught since childhood that men just pull up their socks and get on with life. Besides, it's not like anyone can do anything -- you just need to gut it out. No one said you were going to be happy all the time.

Go read the whole thing. And look out for the signs, if your buddy, your brother, your husband father co-worker neighbor whoever is showing the signs.

He may not know what is wrong.  The problem is especially acute in "macho" fields like the military, law enforcement, construction, and so forth.

I'll close with a quote of the final paragraph of Charlie Martins' essay:
If this sounds familiar, if you see yourself in this description, you may be depressed, and yes, you can be depressed and not realize it. This is a depression screener; it doesn't take long. If you're thinking those dark thoughts, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is there, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, at 800-273-8255. They understand, it's completely anonymous, and you don't have to be suicidal to call them. And if you're of a mind to, there is a GoFundMe for Bob Owens' wife and kids.

Earworm 05/16/2017

When Mrs. Drang and I were first going together, there was this quirky indie radio station in Seattle. The kind that played whatever they wanted. They'd play songs that weren't even B sides -- what's the equivalent these days? -- and whatever the music industry equivalent of "B Actors" is. Highly thought of performers that didn't get a lot of air play, except on quirky indie stations that appealed to hipsters and weirdos.

Like this:

Mrs. Drang-to-be didn't care for it much, but it appeals to something in me.

Frankly, I never found anything else by him that really did it for me like this one.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Gettin' Siggy

Hit the range today, just shy of 200 rounds through the Sig P320s.
Benchmade Barrage, Sig P320 Carry, SigP320 Sub-compact.
Benchmade Knives was having a special event at the PX when I bought the P320 Compact.
Copyright 2017 DW Drang
This is a photo-heavy post, so click to read and see the rest after the jump...

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Also Happy Birthday (in a few days.)

Wherever you are.*

*(No, really, they're on vacation, and I'm not sure where they are, other than "no phone or internet".)

Friday, May 12, 2017

GOAL Post 2017-Special 2

As Joe notes below, all 5 of the gun bills that passed the legislature during the regular session--all of which were "acceptable", if not "good", let alone "on our wish list"--have been signed by Governor Inslee.

There's a lot of talk about him running for President in 2020, and I predict he will try and use the signing of these bills to establish some sort of bona fides for his claimed support for the Second Amendment.

Do not be fooled. He's just another left coast progressive. 

Joe also notes issues with the reporting of NICS denials. The Feds are supposed to pursue this, but do so rarely. That, of course, assumes that the denial is not due to a paperwork mistake or technical error.

TO: undisclosed recipients
SENT: Fri 5/12/2017 5:28 PM
SUBJECT: GOAL Post 2017-Special 2
Legislative Update from Olympia12 May 2017

I reported last week that Governor Inslee signed HB 1100. That means that starting in late summer or early fall (it takes time to set up the system), CPL holders will receive a postcard renewal notice 90 days before their CPL expires.

On May 10th, the governor signed the remaining four gun-related bills awaiting action. He signed HB 1501, HB 1612, SB 5268 and SB 5552.

HB 1501 requires licensed dealers to notify the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) within five days if an individual pops negative (denial) on a NICS test. Denials may then be reported to the county prosecutor for his/her action, if appropriate. And if a person has a protection or no contact court order against the attempted buyer, the protected person must be notified that the individual attempted to acquire a firearm. Three things here: first, false “denials” are common, either because of mistaken identity or incorrect court documents (especially true of decades-old misdemeanor convictions). Second, an appeal may be filed to correct the record, thus preventing prosecution. Third, prosecution for what? An intentional false answer on an ATF Form 4443 is a false official statement, which is a violation of FEDERAL law. Whether it’s prosecutable as a state offense remains to be seen.

HB 1612 is a continuation of last year’s suicide prevention education bill. Among other measures, the program attempts to educated dealers on the outward signs of suicidal intent by some individuals.(I don’t recall the state, but many, many moons ago an eastern state prohibited sale of a handgun with either one round of ammunition or one magazine/cylinder load of ammunition. The former as a suicide preventive measure, the latter to supposedly restrict workplace violence.

SB 5268 adds e-mail notification of CPL expiration/renewal date provided an e-mail address was provided.

SB 5552 is the bone Democrats threw to gun owners this session, after they killed several solidly pro-gun bills.SB 5552 adds a few exceptions to the background check requirement of I-594, most dealing with close family members (in-laws). It also adds language exempting individuals with federal Curio & Relic licenses from background checks (on C&R-eligible firearms only), taking firearms away from suicidal individuals, and exempting background checks on temporary transfer of firearms to armed security guards by their employer, and transfer of firearms to military honor guards for funeral ceremonies.

The bills take effect on 1 July. That should close out the 2017 regular legislative session.
There are 10 days left in the 30-day Special Session as I write this, ten more days for the House and Senate to agree on a biennial operating budget. As reported before, the Republican-controlled Senate passed a balanced budget, funding all required programs, while the House passed a budget asking for $8 BILLION in tax increases. It’s hard to imagine how the two can be reconciled. 2/3 of the way through the session it does not appear there are any breakthroughs.
Bill Number
SHB 1100
CPL renewal notice
Blake (D-19)
Governor signed
HB 1501
Illegal purchase of firearms
Hansen (D-23)
Governor signed
2SHB 1612
Suicide prevention
Orwall (D-33)
Governor signed
SB 5268
CPL renewal notice
Takko (D-19)
Governor signed
SB 5552
Certain exemptions to I-594
Pedersen (D-43)
Governor signed

Friday, May 5, 2017

GOAL Post 2017-Special 1

Olympia is too busy trying to set new records for tax rates to take further action on gun rights... or so it seems.

Speaking of Olympia,  May Day in Seattle was pretty anticlimactic, but the protesters in Olympia found themselves getting herded by pepperball shooting cops, and then getting ambushed by rock throwing homeless people...

From: GOAL WA ( (Joe Waldron)
To: undisclosed recipients
Sent: Fri 5/5/2017 6:02 PM
Subject: GOAL Post 2017-Special 1

Legislative Update from Olympia 5 May 2017


I was at the annual NRA convention and meetings in Atlanta last Friday, but nothing happened anyway!

Governor Inslee signed HB 1100 (CPL renewal postcard) a week before the session ended. The first postcards should go out in late summer (they have to set up the system first).

Still awaiting the governor’s signature are HB 1501 (NICS denial police notification), HB 1612 (suicide prevention), SB 5268 (CPL renewal e-mail notification) and SB 5552 (limited I-594 background check exemptions. (Correction, SB 5268 did squeak out just before the regular session ended.)

The governor has 20 days to act on bills after the session ends. That means he has until 13 May to take action on the four bills listed above. Governor Inslee has three options available: he can sign a bill into law; he can veto an entire bill or part of a bill, in which case the legislature has the opportunity to override on the next session; or he can take no action, in which case the bill becomes law anyway. Why decline to take action? Maybe the governor doesn’t like it, but doesn’t feel it is important enough to veto. This is the guy who wants $8 billion in new taxes, despite the fact that the Republican-controlled Senate passed a balanced operating budget.

At this point, 12 days into the up-to-30-day special session, no gun bills have been pulled back out, nor have new bills been filed.

As next Saturday is the last day the governor can act on bills, I’ll likely get the next GOAL Post out over next weekend.

SHB 1100
CPL renewal notice
Blake (D-19)
Governor signed
HB 1501
Illegal purchase of firearms
Hansen (D-23)
To Gov
2SHB 1612
Suicide prevention
Orwall (D-33)
To Gov
SB 5268
CPL renewal notice
Takko (D-19)
To Gov
SB 5552
Certain exemptions to I-594
Pedersen (D-43)
To Gov


Earworm, 05/05/2017

Sometimes there's no discernible reason...
...but that's really the definition of an earworm, isn't it?