Friday, June 23, 2017

Odds and ends

So, over the last few weeks I've alluded to a friend who was going through a rough patch, most recently in Earworm, 06/14/2017.

Basically, her son went from a 5% chance of surviving, to full consciousness, coherent speech, and walking unassisted.

Apparently, it is possible for certain organs which have shut down to regenerate.

Somewhere in there, I wondered if this was going to turn into a Lifetime movie, or even in to a Hallmark Special.*

Then she told me that certain other aspects of her life were turning around, and now I suspect even Hallmark would turn the script down as too unrealistic...
...In the meantime, my wife has been listening to me obsess about the problems of a woman shes never met, and all she says is "What's the news? Is she  doing OK? She probably needs a break, why don't you see if we can take her to lunch or diner?"

So, yeah, I think even Hallmark would say it was too hokey. 

Also, I love my incredible wife.
Also in the meantime, the NRA has relented on it's ban on 1911s and revolvers in the Carry Guard self-defensive shooting classes.  (Dear NRA: WTF is wrong with you?!)

I heard a lot of rationales why this rule made sense, but frankly, IMnsHO none of them stood scrutiny. If someone is paying $850 for a three day class, you should be a little more lenient about what gat they bring.

If Mas can design the shooting courses of MAG40 to accommodate single-stack pistols and 6 shooters, than by Friar Schwartz' ghost so can the NRA.
*Okay, so I have this theory that women's lives can be divided into one of three categories:
  1. Hallmark Channel movies
  2. Lifetime Channel movies
  3. Oxygen Channel movies
depending on how horrible the tragedy is, how sordid the scandal is, and/or how many people die and/or go to prison.

There may be other categories, the woman I first developed this theory around turned out to need one of those pay-per-view channels, if you know what I mean, and I think you do...

I haven't yet heard a proposed equivalent for men's lives, although I suspect my life story will star Bruce Campbell...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dear NRA: WTF is wrong with you?!

Got wind of this, so I had to look for myself:
NRA Carry Guard | Register
*NOTE: NRA Carry Guard Level One is designed for training with a semi-automatic handgun (Glock 19/17, Sig P226/P228 or equivalent). We will not allow revolvers or 1911s as your primary firearm in this class.
Emphasis in original.

You idiots. You dolts. You elitists. This course already costs far more than the vast majority of gun-owning and -carrying Americans is willing to spend on anything, and you want to limit it that bad?

And just what is the person who only owns one gun to do, if that one gun happens to be a 1911 or a revolver?

And just WTF is wrong with a 1911 or a revolver for self-defense?

You already shot yourselves in the foot by  giving every appearance of having ripped off the US Concealed Carry Associations business model, and now this?

I can't help think the planning meeting went something like "Hey, let's give our grass roots a new reason to wish we weren't on their side!"

Earworm, 06/16/2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tourniquets Save Lives

Lest it be lost in all the leftist blood-dancing over the attempted assassination of Representative Scalise, note that his comrades worked to save his life, including improvising a tourniquet.

Wow: Colleagues Rushed to Save Scalise’s Life - Cortney O'Brien

Since you can't count on having a veteran combat surgeon handy if and when the unthinkable happens, you should consider adding a trauma kit to your carry preparations.

PDF: Optimizing the use of Limb Tourniquets in Tactical Combat ...

tourniquets save lives at DuckDuckGo

Buy one, or more, and learn to use them.

I have a bunch of SOF-T Wide models, because group buy.

Tactical Medical Solutions | Training Resources

Here's one on improvising a tourniquet with a triangular bandage:


NOTE: It is highly recommended that you DO NOT limit your training on these essential items to watching a couple of YouTube videos, even if they are posted by an unimpeachable source.¹ 

In addition to TacMed, other good sources of equipment and information include Chinook Medical Gear, Inc and Imminent Threat Solutions.

Training is available through Insights Training: Tactical First Aid Training and Dark Angel Medical, among others.

Previously on The Cluemeter²:

1. Not that I consider myself unimpeachable on this sort of thing.
2. As I typed this I heard it in the voice of the announcer for the Adam West Batman series...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Earworm, 06/14/2017

For a very good friend who got some very good news today.*

*Technically yesterday, but when you work my weird schedule...
Also, her family member's not out of the woods, but much, much better than yesterday.
Technically the day before yesterday, etc., etc.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Earworm, 06/11/2017 EDIT

Heck of a song for a Sunday, but you don't choose the earworm, the earworm chooses you. Ditto for the day and time.

I was quite the Kristofferson fan 'way back when. Had all his albums. I liked his writing, and while his singing voice was never the best it was good enough if the tune and the lyrics were right.

EDIT TO ADD: I was going to add something about him having been diagnosed with Alzheimers.  Glad I didn't, because apparently that was incorrect, what he really has is Lyme Disease, and related memory loss. (A Kris Kristofferson concert that felt like a goodbye | Astro Awani)

Saturday, June 10, 2017


"Socialist Worker Peasant's Paradise" ≠ "Paradise".

This is why American tourists don’t want to travel to Cuba - MarketWatch
Indeed, the initial excitement about the formerly closed off country gave way to moral dilemmas over food shortages and other problems caused by tourism, as well as disappointment over limited working internet, lower hotel standards, and lack of running water there. The Allianz study found lack of travel infrastructure was a major cause of anxiety about traveling to Cuba for 13% of Americans.

The slide in demand has led a number of airlines to reduce or completely eliminate flights to the country...

Sumers suggested confusion over the approved reasons to go to Cuba is keeping the average American visitor away still. As of May 2017, visitors to the country have to select one of 12 categories for their visit, which include religious activities, humanitarian projects, “support for the Cuban people,” and journalistic activities. “You can’t go to Cuba to sit on the beach and have fun and that’s what Americans like to do on vacation,” he said. “Cuba is a bit of an outlier still — it is not easy to visit and for a lot of people it’s still a pain. You have to really want to go there.”


Cuba has a long way to go before it’s suitable for many high-maintenance American tourists. “This will come with certain expectations: Americans expect that cell phones will work, credit cards will work, and that access to internet won’t be limited,” ...
(Emphasis added.)

So, let me get this straight, you want my money, in exchange for not letting me do what I like to do on vacation? And you can't (or won't) let me stay in touch with the folks back home?

I talked the other day with a co-worker about a recent (Trans-Panama Canal) cruise she went on, and she's already excited about the Cuba cruise she is planning to sign on for: "Just waiting for a bargain rate." A cruise may be the way to do that, since you are not reliant on the "tourism infrastructure",  although it sounds like the Cubans are very insistent about the excursions allowed. (I.e., you have to go on their excursions. But then, it's a Socialist Worker Peasant's paradise, what other excursions are there...?)

I had heard that Cuba was a popular destination for Canadians and Europeans who wanted fun in the sun sans Yankees. Now I'm wondering if that was exaggerated.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Earworm, 06/01/2017

Thinking about a friend...

This one carries an "explicit lyrics" warning, which is warranted on much of FFDP's, but I haven't heard it on this one...