Monday, September 26, 2016

MAG 40 -- Thoughts

So, it's been just over two months since I took MAG40 at Firearms Academy of Seattle. Before I went, I had noticed that there seemed to be few reviews/AARs of the course on the Internet. I wasn’t sure why, perhaps Massad Ayoob discouraged such, lest proprietary information be revealed?

I am now prepared to state that it more likely that the “drinking from a fire hose” nature of the class makes it difficult, to say the least, to distill the lessons into a blog post.

“Drinking from a fire hose”: That’s the way someone, I think it was Ry Jones, described the class when, at dinner after Ray Carter’s funeral, I explained why I was staying in a motel in Centralia rather than make the hour and a half one way drive to FAS every day.


My notes from the classroom portion run over 30 pages, and I am not done1 transcribing/editing them; I have no intention of trying to publish multiple uber-posts of the class, but that's what it would take, because I cannot distill the experience into a single post.

But here's an attempt:
(After the jump. It was kind of long...)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Short Takes

Things I feel like I ought to have something for, but not a lot...
Burlington: How many heard the shooter described as "Hispanic-looking" and thought "Oh, bioy here we go again"?

Now, a 20 year old Turk living in America for years may or may not be a Muslim, or a devout one,at any rate, but I can just picture the meeting where some brasshat vetted the APB and said "Yeah, so what does 'Levantine' mean again? Yeah, that's what I thought, no."

At least the warnings against "backlash" don't seem as severe as usual. Or even the media are getting tired of them.

OTOH, I haven't been watching the press conferences because every time they come  on there's Governor Inslee hinting at gun control to come...

Even if all he had was what looks like a Ruger 10/22. Damned Fudd guns.

BTW, that mall which is said to have been posted, I am told that only the theater there is posted.  Like many states with licensed carry, IF every public entrance  is clearly posted, then you can be asked to leave if caught; if you return armed, or refuse to leave, you can be charge with misdemeanor trespass.
Charlotte: Looks to me like, even if he didn't have a gun in his hand, the police had every reason to believe he was going for one.

And even if they were wrong, burning down the city is not a good way to get your point across. Look what it did for my hometown...

Also, blocking the Interstate is not a good idea, especially when you ar doing it in such a manner as to give motorists reason to believe that you are threatening them with grave bodily harm.

You might then give them reason to believe that their best course of action will be to put it in drive (or maybe "low") and move forward. 
Note that "drive on" is not meant to mean "deliberately run people down." But is they are pounding on your car, yelling threats, throwing rocks, trying to rock it and overturn it, well, they're playing stupid games, they should be prepared to win stupid prizes.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners has determines that the proper response of Los Angeles' Finest to armed suspects should be to... run away.

LAPPL - Los Angeles Police Protective League: Police Commission tells officers to run away, or else
The officers didn’t run away. The Commission, armed with video and their own political agenda broke down the footage frame by frame to determine that in the course of seconds, the first officer whose “position initially provided Officer C with a position of tactical advantage” lost the advantage as the suspect charged him. They wrote, “this advantage rapidly diminished as the Subject continued her advance, leaving him with neither distance nor effective cover as the Subject approached the space between two parked vehicles by which Officer C was located.”

Suspect charging from the front. Vehicles on either side. Where do you “redeploy?” Run backwards. This is absurd and it’s dangerous. What happens if the officer loses his footing with a charging suspect? What happens if the suspect runs into a nearby home or store and confronts its occupants with her weapon? What if the suspect also had a concealed gun? What is created when an officer turns tail and runs away is a large target. It’s called a back. The officer would put their lives in further jeopardy by running away if the suspect had a gun. At this close range, running away would create a self-caused danger to the officers and the public.

Chief Beck, who has absolutely no problem finding fault with officers, agreed with these officers’ actions. The Commission, with a grand total of zero years of experience in law enforcement, overruled the Chief’s decision. The Commissioners created an alternative set of facts that acknowledged that the officer was right to believe his life was in jeopardy but found fault with the officer shooting the knife-wielding suspect because the officer should have run away.
Hmmm, I wonder how the mayor would feel if his protective detail yelled "gun!" and...ran away?

Monday, September 19, 2016

So, about that "off-duty police officer"...

You will no doubt have heard that a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome was stopped by an off-duty police officer yesterday, in St. Cloud MN.

Turns out the "off-duty police officer" is a reserve policeman who owns an indoor range and gun shop, and shoots in USPSA and 3 Gun competitions. (Man Who Shot Crossroads Mall Terrorist Is USPSA Competitor, 3-Gun Shooter – Bearing Arms)

Here's the web site for his busienss: Tactical Advantage, LLC

So, you know, if you're in the Gopher State, look him up.

UPDATE: When Are Liberal Laws Good? When They Relate to Guns | Power Line points out that he is a reserve police officer who is not scheduled to work for at least two months.

Monday, September 12, 2016

At The Fair

One of our first dates (26 years ago!) was going to The Western Washington Fair. Later it was simply called "The Puyallup Fair", for where the Western Washington Fairgrounds are. (This is also where the Washington Arms Collectors have most of their gun shows.) Now it has changed its name again, claiming to be The Washington State Fair.


So, there you are, taking you 900 pound pumpkin to the fair,
thinking you've got it made,
and some guy shows up with an 1100 pound gourd.
And then some other guy shows up with one that weighs 1300 pounds...
The worlds biggest kohlrabi...
Which was spawning.
Hooray for hops!
Honorable tree-san.
Somebody gave the bacon beast a perm!
Hippie cow.
(Actually a Tibetan Yak.)
Horny cow.
("The Watusi Cow has such large horns as a cooling mechanism...
blood circulates through them and cools off...")
Once again ran into Daddy Bear at the Fair.

Did not have scones, which are a standard, at least here. Was supposed to meet a colleague from work, but a minor crisis led to our arriving late enough that she and her husband had already left, so  that beer will have to wait. (Then again, this year all the beer gardens, pubs, and the like are posted "No Minors", which sign on an establishment serving alcohol in this state also means "No licensed firearms.")

Didn't see any rodeo events, and missed the draft horses. 

Did stop and chat with the techs who sold us our orthotics, though, and Mrs. Drang had hers adjusted. Mine are OK. Picked up some honey, passed on the fudge as we still have some in the fridge from the spring.

Passed on taunting the democrats in their booth. Didn't see where the Libertarian Party was set up this year, not sure if I would have been able to resist the urge ask WTF they were thinking?!

Walked until our feet were killing us. Came home.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Deal Alert! 09/03

I almost forgot to mention, OldNFO's first three books in the Grey Man series are on sale in Kindle format for the weekend. I probably figured the three or four people who read this blog read his, too...

Anyhoo, good stuff, highly recommended, go here and order.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Deal Alert!

Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and "Enemies of the State" - Kindle edition by Stephen P. Halbrook. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ AmazonSmile. is a $1.99 Kindle Daily Deal!
Based on newly discovered secret documents from German archives, diaries, and newspapers of the time, Gun Control in the Third Reich presents the definitive yet hidden history of how the Nazi dictatorship made use of gun control to disarm and repress its enemies and consolidate its power. The countless books on the Third Reich and the Holocaust fail even to mention the laws restricting firearms ownership, which rendered political opponents and Jews defenseless. A skeptic could surmise that a better-armed populace might have made no difference, but the National Socialist regime certainly did not think so—it ruthlessly suppressed firearm ownership by disfavored groups. The book spans the two decades from the birth of the Weimar Republic in 1918 through Kristallnacht in 1938 and then presents a panorama of pertinent events during World War II regarding the effects of the disarming policies. Citizens across the nation are grappling with how the 2nd Amendment should be interpreted—or even if it should be disposed of—and this book provides the perspective of the consequence of disarming a population.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Earworm, 08/30/2016

Earworms tend to run from mildly pleasant through irritating to madding.

Those that you are actually glad to be infected with are few and far between.

Those that arise from a commercial, well...

Tamara embeds a unicorn in Commercial Art.  Had it stuck in my head all day. Not complaining, and I doubt those I shared it with are, either.

Here's the full song, with lyrics:

Lyrics with translation here: Non, je ne regrette rien lyrics + English translation (Version #7) | Édith Piaf (There are 14 different translations, in differing degrees of literal vs idiomatic.)

Looking at that last verse, I am imagining Edith signing it as Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner got back together yesterday...

Monday, August 22, 2016

Gun Skool Thoughts, Part II

So, when talking to folks who have never been to formal training that did not involve everyone wearing the same clothes and addressing others as "Sergeant" or "Sir", I've found some... odd ideas.

When you are reading the course description, make sure you read the part that says what to being with you.
Yes, they expect you to provide your own ammunition.
  • Some schools will provide it for you -- read "sell it to you" -- if you make prior arrangements, but usually the only ones that provide ammo are also providing guns. 
  • Check the expected round count and take extra. 
  • Try to figure out what works best on your gun(s), don't just go for the cheapest bulk pack. 
  • Ask me how I know that last...
One colleague at work was outraged at the thought that he was paying all this money for a class and had to provide his own ammo. Of course, usually Uncle Sam had been providing his ammo...

There are several reasons for this: