Thursday, May 9, 2019

Stop The Bleed, Part 2

The Defense Health Agency maintains a web site called Deployed Medicine here: Deployed Medicine --  which includes includes links to their app on both the Apple and Android Stores.


The Deployed Medicine  website includes several sections, including Tactical Combat Casualty Care , curated by (not surprisingly) The Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Understandably, these folks are on the cutting edge of trauma care, so this can be considered the source.That page includes manuals, videos, and reference documents.

Also, Greg Ellefritz has an excellent post up (The Best Tourniquets- A Research Review | Active Response Training) on the latest release from the CoTCCC, regarding recommended procedures, practices, and equipment for trauma care

This includes ratings of several tourniquets recommended for use in trauma care. Link to that is here: CoTCCC Recommended Devices & Adjuncts, click on the "View Book" button to read and/or download it as a .pdf.

Again, better to have it and not need it, than to need it and be waiting for the paramedics or a passing  Combat Lifesaver...

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stop The Bleed Month

May is Stop the Bleed Month. And May 23rd is National STOP THE BLEED Day.

(Yes, those seem to be "rival" web sites...)

Perhaps with that in mind, Tamara had a post yesterday (The largest window for error...) in which she linked to an article about gun safety vis à vis administrative gun handling, and said that, if you're going to carry a gun, you should have a "blow out kit" with you. (SayUncle linked, and, this being the Internet, predictably, derp ensured in comments.)

I've written about first aid and (especially) trauma care and training before, and on this very topic in The Clue Meter: Tourniquets Save Lives.

In that post I included some videos of how to apply a tourniquet, including one I reproduce here, how to apply a field expedient tourniquet:

As to which tourniquet to carry, the two standards seem to be the CAT (Gen 7+) and the SOF-T (Gen 4+); the advantages of one over the other seem be minor and due as much to personal preference of the professional you are speaking to, as well as to incremental improvements in one or the other. Similar tourniquets are likely to mimic the style or design, but use cheaper materials.

There is at least one "bargain" tourniquet that is essentially a long rubber band; in formal testing it was rated as better than nothing -- barely. (The sales pitch is cool, "Tighten until the diamonds are squares and the ovals are circles"; just doesn't seem to work as well in real application.)


You need to take classes; even if you master applying a tourniquet by watching YouTube videos, there are other things you'll need to know. So where do you find such training? After all, you might not know a handy Ambulance Driver who happens to be conducting a class on the subject.
If you're not comfortable buying  emergency medical/trauma care supplies off of Amazon -- and stories of counterfeit merchandise abound -- some reputable sources include:
This is another item in the "Better to have it (and know how to use it!) but never need it, than to need it and not have it and/or not know how to use it" category.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Going and Coming

Sort of an NRAAM post, pics on the way there and on the way back...

All photographs © 2019 D.W. Drang and The Cluemeter.
On climb out from SEA
It got a bit hazy once we made altitude, but this gives you an idea of the local terrain.
(Click to embiggenate.)
I was on the wrong side of the plane for shots of Mt. Rainier.
Too far south for Mt. Adams, Mt. Baker, or Glacier Peak.

Somewhere over the Mississippi weather started to close in.
Last 45 minutes or so of the flight into IND was rough.

On final into SEA, sunset over the Olympics 1
On final into SEA, sunset over the Olympics 2

On final into SEA, sunset over the Olympics 3
SEA has airplanes hanging from the ceilings, so naturally, IND displays race cars...

Obligatory local color/architecture shots:

The buildings in that part of town are all connected by a series of skywalks.
Most of them are not this fancy.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

NRAAM Day 3 part 2

Press room is closed, but the wi-fi still works (ATM).

These were actually taken today.

Fixit Sticks. Handy little field tool kit.

This Fixit Stick kit has torque drivers.

Primary Arms "Cyclops" Prismatic sight.
A good option for those that suffer from astigmatism...

May not be able to tell from this photo, but the reticle really popped pout.

More pretty antiques up for auction.

Medford Knives. I assumed they were from Oregon,
but it's a family name.

That's one beefy knife!
New Aimpoint Acro red dot...

...eagerly awaited, with rumors that it hadn't been released yet...

Beefy, should be durable.

Streamlight has a new shotgun fore-end, they say less expensive than the Surefire.

Looks to be easier on the hand for a high-shell count class, but that shouldn't be a serious consideration for most uses.

NRAAM Day 3, Part 1

Sitting in the media room trying to brain. Coffee hasn't kicked in yet, so maybe just a bunch of pics...

Haydon (sp?) is an ex-pat Brit...
That's a Henry .410 shotgun, BTW.

I'm going to ensure he can never return to Blighty.

Remington R1, case-hardened frame, and gorgeous grip panels.
Photo doesn't do it justice.

This is the B&T Personal Defense Weapon that
DOD just bought for Personal Security Details.
(Edited to add link, correct firm name.)

The opposite of lily-gilding: Gold engraved Glock.

Another look at the Aimcam glasses-mounted camera.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Whoops; NRAAM Day 2

Got over to the media room at the convention center, and realized I left both my laptop and my tablet in the room. Crap. Well, looks like light blogging during the day...

In other news, someone paid for a light plane to circle the convention center towing a banner accusing the NRA of "selling out", due to"Red Flag" laws passing.

Once again, the only possible reason a law contrary to our interests could possibly pass is because the NRA sold us out...

Lot of walking around. Saw a lot of stuff. Debating whether I can afford some stuff. Also debating whether I want to go walk some more or sit here and take a load off a while longer...

NRAAM -- Our Story Thus Far

Saw some stuff, met some people, had dinner...

Finally met Tam and Bobbi in person, not to mention DaddyBear's better half Irish Woman, and their son Boo. Last night we went to the Liter House in Broad Ripple, had schnitzle and beer, a good time was had by all, although the arty kept growing and they had to keep adding tables. I'm not sure what the folks at our end of the table thought about OldNFO, DaddyBear, and my war stories. (Well, DaddyBear and OldNFO's, mine are pretty mild.)

POTUS and VPOTUS were in town, spoke to the meeting, but so far as I can tell didn't come close to the actual meeting floor, so security there was not outrageous. Spent it in the media room, wondering if Bruce Springsteen knows they were using his songs to fell in dead spots...

Here are some pics from yesterday:
New Ruger Wrangler .2LR

Keltec KG7 bullpup 12 ga. They're "thinking" about a 20.

Aimcam shooting glasses mounted camera. I'll have more on this.

What's behind that picture frame?

Tactical pens in non-tactical colors.

Belly bands with kydex holsters! Rigid, no floppyness around the trigger!

Suppressed M3A1 Grease Gun...

Friday, April 26, 2019

GOAL Alert 2019-2 25 April 2019

GOAL Alert 2019-2 is up at the Gun Owners Action League of Washington site.

According to information that we have not been able to confirm at this time, a temporary injunction blocking release of the names and addresses of those who turned in bump stocks to the Washington State Patrol has been imposed by a Washington judge.
Click the clicky, read the whole thing, act accordingly. It's currently 1745 in Indy, 1445 in WA, so  things may have changed by now. 

Lafeyette, We Are Here!

Except Lafayette, IN, is a ways northwest of Indianapolis...

Flight was good, not a lot of turbulence, until about 10 minutes before we started final approach and it started to get bad. I've never heard cabin crew announce "The restrooms are locked" over the PA before...

OldNFO landed shortly before I did, and kindly offered to give me a lift in his rental; all the major hotels are clustered around the Indianapolis Convention Center, connected to it by a system of skybridges, so I didn't splurge on a rental of my own.

After checking in we met Kelly (Ambulance Driver) and Gary (EMS Artifact) for dinner at Dicks Last Resort, which seems to be a chain with an unusual schtick, but the fish and chips were good, and the beer was cold.

Back to the room to finish unpacking, some texting with Mrs Drang -- I was going to call, but she started texting, so... -- and then bed.

Now we're siting in the Media Room, drinking free coffee, and waiting for exhibits to open.