Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So, I was going to post on this anyway, but my previous post really got me going...

Last week at the Tea Party in Seattle I noticed that the people who were "with us" but were obviously angry, were all repenting for having voted for Obama, or should I say, for having fallen for his line.  

Hey, we tried to warn you, but you accused us of racism; so how's your sheet fit?

Anyway, reading my various RSS feeds the last day or so a trend has really become obvious...

TARP... Perma-TARP... Crap & Tax... ObamaCare...  Banning or restricting sodium chloride from the table...  Government-funded school lunches... and now school lunches aren't healthy enough...
(I'm not going to link to all those.  Go find 'em if you're not familiar with 'em.)

So, the relentless drive of the Deomonrats to push government into every aspect of our lives continues.

Which brings me to:  Yesterday, Kevin posted "Treat Me With Benign Neglect", in which he quotes Texas Governor Rick "Maybe we should secede" Perry as saying
I want people elected to Congress, to the United States Senate, and to the presidency in 2012 with the express message that we are going to go to Washington and try to make Washington as inconsequential in your life as we can.I want the states to become the laboratories of innovation and experimentation. And I want to get this country back.
Too bad Governor Perry denies any ambition vis a vis national politics whatsoever...

Anyway.  Kevin goes on to discuss the journalistic--and I would add, general liberal/progressive--predilection for assuming that of course government should take action!  Of course government should get involved!  There oughta be a law!  And if that law doesn't do it, there oughta be more laws!

A major corporation failed?  Not enough regulation!  People are eating unhealthy stuff?  Ban the unhealthy stuff!


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