Monday, June 20, 2011

“Fast And Furious” Hearings recap by NRA-ILA

Write-up and summary includes links to testimony and statements.

I don't know if, as some have said, this is "bigger than Iran-Contra."

Certainly, though, in a just world this would be a hell of a lot bigger than Monicagate1. This operation unequivocally began on "Obama's watch", unequivocally involved a Federal agency deliberately encouraging the activity that it exists to prevent, and unequivocally led to the deaths of law enforcement officers.  There is no doubt at this point that knowledge of and guidance on this operation extended to the top of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; if such knowledge did not go higher in the Department f Justice, then this indicates that the BATFE is a rogue agency that should be disbanded, or that Attorney General Holder is utterly incompetent and should not be trusted with a school crossing guard's STOP flag.

I do not rule out "all of the above", nor that the statement applies to other in the Executive Branch as headed by His Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein Obama I, The Hindmost.

Y'know, it occurs to me that Nixon and his minions were breaking the law, violating their oaths to the Constitution, for political gain, but at least they weren't actually getting Americans killed, let alone the other recent abuses we've seen.  And yet, we tend to think of Nixon as the epitome of "bad president."2

Ironic, no?

Note:  The link to the NRA-ILA Alert, as well as other background material, were found on Shooters Northwest.

1. The term "Monicagate" is used satirically in reference to the media's concentrating one of many sexual peccadilloes of President Bubba, fully aware of the fact that this media attention deflected attention from the fact that President Bubba was being investigated and impeached for the commission of actual crimes, as well as malfeasance in office.
2. Some will argue that the "slippery slope" of extra-Constitutional governmental actions began with Watergate, but it seems to me that Nixon's resignation, and his minions going to prison, would have arrested the slide if that were true. Debatable, I realize.

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