Sunday, March 28, 2010

WA AG McKenna in the news

Lotsa coverage of Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna.  There was a rally in support of his decision to take part in the 14 state (and growing?) lawsuit challenging ObamaCare.   Articles on that in the Tacoma News-Tribune (here and here), the Olympian, (h/t Sound Politics) Thurston Pundits, and Seattle Times.

On Friday there was an anti-McKenna, pro-ObamaCare rally, which mustered dozens of people.  Maybe a couple of hundred.  The official m(Washington State Patrol) estimate of Saturday's headcount was 850; some estimates had attendance as high as two to four thousand.

In response to Governor Christine Gregoire's rant ("I don't know who he represents, he doesn't represent me!") AG McKenna is reported to have announced that he is representing the people of Washington State.

It is  o surprise to learn that the conservative Sound Politics blog supports the lawsuit.  (MCKENNA AND THE PEOPLE V. THE DEMOCRATS AND HEALTH CARE DEFORM.)

It is astonishing to find that the usually left-wing Seattle Times agrees:

We think McKenna has a good case, and one the progressives who condemn him ought to appreciate. These critics are so often right about the dangers of corporate power, and particularly the rapacity of insurance companies.
But if it's federal power, and it's for a social purpose, and Barack Obama is presiding over it, they set their judgment aside. They accept a 2,000-page bill on its label only. They accept its promise, almost surely vacant, of cost savings. They overlook the deals cut with the insurance and pharmaceutical interests. They shrug off the "cornhusker kickback." And to those who invoke the Constitution, they become shrill.
This page supported Obama, and we still like him. But we also support checks and balances on federal power, and review of this law by the Supreme Court.

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Ry Jones said...

Our AG sticks it to the socialists. Go Rob!