Thursday, April 29, 2010

Appalling, Part II

Say Uncle reports::

Headline: Driver Accidentally Killed By Lebanon Officer
But the article:
With a weapon drawn, police said McKinnley went into the ditch toward the car, slipped and accidentally discharged his weapon.
McDannald said he saw McKinley hit the ground and the gun discharge and thought Thompson had shot McKinnley.
McDannald then returned fire and shot Thompson multiple times, killing him. Neighbors said they awoke when they heard about 15 gunshots.
How the holy Hell, excepting that your carry rig is a G.E. Mini-gun, do you accidentally shoot someone 15 times?
Used to have relatives in Lebanon, TN. Hope my folks--live over Crossville ways--take care...

Later:  Hmm, thought I saved that as a draft.  Oh, well.

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