Monday, April 26, 2010


In Hello, Kitty, Tamara introduces us to the case of a
homeless guy (who) intervenes in a mugging, gets shivved for his trouble, and bleeds out on a sidewalk as passers-by do everything but rifle his pockets.

He's probably swapping stories with Kitty Genovese right now.

Every now and again, I am forcefully reminded that the biggest difference between humans and baboons is that we have to paint our butts red.

I hope the guy who just snapped a picture of him and strolled on gets hit by a bus, assuming he doesn't see himself in the video and decide to do the right thing with a length of extension cord and a footstool.
The second link--the one actually in her post, not the one to her post--goes to a Hot Air post which includes ABC's piece on it, including surveillance video.

If the late Mr. Tale-Yax was "obviously" homeless, I could see people walking by him if he had been curled up in a corner, but face down in middle of the sidewalk, in a pool of blood? Everybody who walked by him is guilty of contributing to manslaughter, in my not so humble opinion. The filth who turned him over--twice!--and then walked away should report for land mine clearance duty.

And what about the woman whose mugging he got stabbed trying to prevent? I can understand her running away, I guess--this was in Noo Yawk Shitty, after all, where the sheeple come from (and Bloomie likes it that way)--but did she report the crime?

I have no scientific proof, but I believe that one of the side-effects of being legally armed for self-defense is a greater sense of self-reliance, confidence, and responsibility.  I truly believe that, if this crime had occurred in, say, Indianapolis, or Seattle (to pick two venues at less-than-random), even if the CCW holder had arrived on-scene too late to do anything to prevent the crime, that he or she would have at least called in the body on the sidewalk.

That, of course, assumes that such a crime had even gotten that far; there may be no scientific or even empirical proof to support my contention above, but John Lott has certainly produced enough proof that the greater the rate of licensed concealed carry, the lower the crime rate.

Maybe Bloomie should stop spending so much time trying to disarm honest folk in the rest of America, and fix what's wrong with his city.

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