Thursday, April 8, 2010

April... blizzards?

KOMO: Spring storm brings heavy snow to the mountains: "As much as 1-2 feet of snow are expected to fall in the Cascades by Friday morning, making driving dangerous in the highway passes."

So what, you ask?

Well, while the rest of the country was repeatedly digging out from yards-deep snow, the Puget Sound region was enjoying warm, (relatively) sunny weather all winter. Remember the concern about snow for the Winter Olympics up north a few miles? Since most communities around here rely on snowmelt for their water supplies--either runoff into reservoirs, or artesian wells--no snow is a concern.

With what we've received this week and are anticipated to receive through this weekend, the summer snowpack is expected to be up to "normal."

A relief, since the water table around here is such that water rationing is always a possibility.

(Yes, it is. The Seattle area gets less rain than New York, we just get it a little at a time, nearly continuously, instead of all at once. And most of that rainfall runs off for the fishies to frolic in. Which, with the Watermelons around here, is more important than mere humans having drinking water...)

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