Friday, April 16, 2010

Clueless in... well, Cluelessland

in Marxist Wealth Distribution for the Bankers, Totalinvestor points us to an article by the same title on Alex Jones' Infowars--I guess this is the guy my spambot was talking about--in which some Huffpo'er--Po Huffer?--NYSlimes and cBS report that alleges to reveal that the Tea Party is predominantly made up of "college educated upper income white men over the age of 45" and then opines that
What we are really dealing with is remarkably straightforward: a sizable group of wealthy white men who think that the government should help them and no one else.  (Emphasis added.)
Which only proves to me that the Huffer in question knows nothing about the Tea Party movement beyond what he mainlines form Huffington, Soros, MSBNC, and the Demoncratic Underground; if he actually could be bothered to go to a Tea Party rally without soiling his breeks with fear at being surrounded by all the heavily armed racist ignernt rednecks--because they are self-evidently ignorant rednecks despite being "college educated upper income", since they are "white men over the age of 45"--he might have picked up the fact that one of the main themes of the Tea Party movement is

Seriously, dude, as Tinsley points out in todays Mallard Filmore, when did "My body, my choice" cease to be A Good Idea?

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