Sunday, April 18, 2010

If Cats Could Read...

...then Ratbane and Sparrowbane might understand why we lock them in at night. (The Princess doesn't go out without one of us anyway.)
Raccoon distemper suspected in Bellevue, elsewhere | Residents are urged to exercise caution and take precautions to protect pets: King County residents are reminded to avoid feeding wildlife, keep domestic pets away from wild animals, and be sure their pets’ vaccinations are current, in response to a suspected outbreak of canine distemper in area raccoons.
I never tire of making fun of the Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer, but, still: If you have pets in the Puget Sound region, read this.

And, yes, true, canine distemper is not transferable to cats, but what else have they got? We regularly have bandits coming to the back door begging; we have had coyotes, cougars, and black bears wander through the neighborhood. Even though all three four-legged members of the family Made It on their own prior to spotting us as likely suckers, we'd just as soon not have them test their skills, or luck, again.

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