Sunday, April 4, 2010

M7.2 Quake, aftershocks, in Baja California UPDATES

The US Geological Survey reports a 6.9 7.2 magnitude quake struck in Baja California (Magnitude updated per USGS.)

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(Arrow points at epicenter, 32.093°N, 115.249°W.  Depth is reported as 20.1 miles/32.3 km.)

I saw it first labeled as "Near San Diego", but as you can see from the map that's misleading.

Google News items on it.

 h/t Gateway Pundit for updated magnitude.
USGS is reporting aftershocks of

Left Coast Rebel is on top of things.  (He started a second post due to the length/bandwidth of the first one!) 
Temple of Mut, too.
Fellow Gun Blogger Rendezvous IV Survivor Wandering Minstrel felt it.  I bet other GBR IV participants did, too, since it is supposed to have "jolted" LA...

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