Friday, April 16, 2010

Sexist in Seattle

When I saw this bozo's sign, I thought "Typical classy libtard."
A crummier picture, but it shows the whole sign:

The women in the crowd were saying "How sexist."

Every time someone took his picture, he asked if he was going on an FBI watch list, which is... risible.  Anyone who even looked at him was accused of trying to shut him down, which was extreme, to say the least.

Another infiltraitor, whom I thought I had a pic of, but didn't, had a sign that said "Thank You, Obama for Tax Cuts, Health Care, and Student Loans."  And a train of folks with "we're not with stupid" signs...

This year the Larouchies stood out at the curb, and the Socialists--the Socialist Workers Party, to be precise--were on the corner, where the Seattle PD was keeping an eye on them.

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