Thursday, April 1, 2010

That's a relief

In Obamacare and Firearms, fellow Gun Blogger Rendezvous IV Survivor David Whitewolf reports that
I’m currently watching a webinar for employers on the impact of the new health care law....

However, one point that I thought was interesting in the seminar, and kudos to whoever in Congress snuck it in the law, was this: no information is to be collected [by insurers], or premiums, enrollment, or rewards based on, lawful firearm possession or use by insureds. I didn’t know that.
Well, that's what happens when socialists don't read the bill, sometimes the Good Guys can sneak something by them.

Not that this makes up for anything.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that was a direct response to, and an attempt to mollify, Gun Owners of America's opposition to the bill.

GOA was very vocal about their opposition and basically charged that the healthcare bill was a backdoor gun control scheme.

That provision was put in as a direct response to their concerns.