Thursday, April 29, 2010

Want a wheelgun?

A post at Day At The Range reminded me of this thread on The Firing Line, by Jim March, on inspecting a revolver (especially used) prior to purchase.  The DATR post is the initial post in the TFL thread, but the TFL thread includes discussion which might answer questions some may have about particular guns.  (It is also posted at

The initial post was made by Mr. March in February of 2001.  As of December, 2009, he said he was updating it, but I haven't gone over the two (three) different posts to see if there are any substantial changes to any of them--but I think he's still working on it1.

This is an excellent example of how and why few internet fora are such good (and popular!) resources for the shooting community.  I think I've said that I spend far more time on than TFL or The High Road2 these days, because I enjoy"hanging" in the Washington Hometown Forum there--but the sum of knowledge on those, and other boards, is impressive.  Of course, you do get the internet equivalent of Gunstore Commandos3, but someone will usually be along shortly to correct their errors, or, in some cases, smack 'em down.

1. No criticism intended, nor should any be assumed to be implied.  Mr. March is a busy man, and he is doing this in his own free time.
2.  In fact, I am embarrassed to admit that it's been so long I'm not fully up on the current legal status of the "original" High Road...  Hopefully someone will be along shortly to let me know...
3.  When some friends of ours opened a gun store and indoor range, I suggested putting up "Gun store commandos prohibited" posters...

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