Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What I Hate About...

Donnie Baseball sums up why I feel His Imperial Majesty is a disaster for the USA in The Obama Disaster Is a Three Legged Stool:
Obama's economic ignorance is sapping our prosperity. His radical paternalism is stealing our liberty. Less known is that his feckless and naive internationalism combined with his hectoring nannyism is endangering our security. The WSJ takes him to woodshed on foreign policy today in the lead editorial. Tunku Varadarajan tallies the score of just how badly things are going all around the world for the US: 'So one wonders—as Putin embraces Chavez and Karzai plays host to Ahmadinejad; as Russia asserts the right to repudiate any nuclear-arms reduction treaty and China gives us the bird on the yuan; as the alliance with India languishes and the one with Britain experiences unprecedented atrophy; as Israel expresses acrid disagreement with us and Japan seeks to rip pages out of its postwar rulebook—what all the pragmatism has really, truly accomplished…' (Yes, yes...Instapundit highlighted the same bloody quote, so sue me, and it is not like he and I are in a too-close-to-call cage death match for traffic bragging rights.) And all of this comes on top of his three large foreign policy blunders right out of the gates: Honduras, Iran, and missile defense in Poland/Czech Republic.

Again, none of this should be surprising. When you elect a obvious neophyte with not an even passing attempt at vetting, this is what you get. As Mark Steyn put it, the election of Obama was a fundamentally unserious act by the American public.
Hope Donnie doesn't mind that I let him do the heavy lifting there...

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