Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bloomberg’s Testimony

Sebastien links to The Hill's report on Bloomberg's testimony before a Senate Homeland Security Committee,
in which he notes that the Second Amendment should be no barrier to arbitrarily denying Americans their right to purchase a firearm.
Bottom line, those freedom-loving Demonrats have suddenly fallen in love with the No Fly/Terrorist Watch List, despite almost 8 years of screeching about what a Nazi George Bush was for even contemplating the highly flawed affront to human rights and liberty was. No one knows how you get on it, or even if they are on it, and no one knows how you can get off it if you were put on it erroneously, but when it comes to denying law-abiding people Constitutional rights they don't approve of, boy howdy do they love it!

Now, if some due process were added, you know, a review, ability to challenge, demand that the government show cause why you are on the list, ability to get removed from it, to seek redress once removed, then maybe, maybe, I could see people who have been put on the list for good reason to be denied other rights. But, once again, Faisal ibn Tea Parti committed no crimes before he drove into Times Square Saturday night. He was a US citizen with no criminal history, no apparent mental health issues, applied for and successfully waited the two week waiting period for a long gun purchase (!) in Connecticut, so this is just yet another bloody shirt for Bloomie to wave.

So, Bloomie and any congresscritters who agree with him can go pound sand, along with any lame stream media "journalists" who were praying for the Times Square Unbomber to be a middle-aged white guy Tea Partying bigot.

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