Thursday, May 13, 2010

"NRA and the Blue Dogs"

Bill Brassard of the National Shooting Sports Foundation points us to NRA and the Blue Dogs from national review online, in which Jim Geraghty points out that
With the opening today of the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Charlotte, N.C., Jim Geraghty, writing for the National Review Online, notes 'the organization finds itself in strong shape--but facing some difficult decisions.'Read the entire article.

This article succinctly describes some of the dilemmas that NRA faces when it endorses or even just "grades" politicians. If Senator Plushbottom is an asshat who nevertheless supports Second Amendment rights, then, because NRA is "just" a gun rights organization, NRA grades him highly and supports him.

No doubt they hold their metaphorical nose while doing so, but they are just rating the pols on their position on gun rights.

Brassard also tells us that
The Charlotte Observer reports the convention is expected to draw 70,000 to the city. Read the story.

Lots of my fellow Gun Blog Rendezvous IV survivors will be there.  (I assume Brassard will be.)  I am hopeful that NRA will decide to come back to Seattle, if only because the local libtard population will suffer (and quite possibly die from) massive collective PSH.

Besides, WA issues CPLs to any non-resident who can pass a background check.

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DirtCrashr said...

Ii think I would travel to a NRA convention in Seattle, especially given the WA non-resident CPLs. :-)
Back East is too far though. Hell, Reno is almost too far.