Friday, May 7, 2010

"Oh, say, can you see?" UPDATE!

Fox has a poll!

Copy and paste that URL, if they see multiple votes coming from one site they may not count.

Or should it be "Jose, can you see"...?

Instapundit on the American Flag flap in Cali, in which he cites Eugene Volokh, and quotes Zombie:
MORE ON THAT CALIFORNIA FLAG-SUPPRESSION CASE, from Eugene Volokh. And here’s a further report, from Zombie. “So here we have the Principal and the Vice-Principal of an American high school treating the Stars and Stripes as if it was a gang bandanna; even worse, the school administrators took sides in this imaginary US-vs.-Mexico gang fight by allowing the widespread display of Mexican flags on campus but banning (under threat of punishment) any display of the American flag.”
Being a veteran, I suppose it is predictable I find this appalling.  I'm not alone:
If immigrant's rights protesters/activists want me to take them seriously they'll put away the flags of wherever they came from, drop any noise about "We were here first" or "Reconquista" or whatever and fly Old Glory.  Quoting Brigid's post linked above:
The flag is not a symbol of political correctness. It is a sacred symbol of a nation. A representation of a promise of freedom. Freedom to life and liberty. The freedom for the law abiding citizen to protect their family and what they hold dear. Freedom to work hard and prosper and enjoy the fruits of your honest labor without fear that it will be forced from you to support the degradation of the Constitution. The flag is more than fabric, it's a promise. I am an American, and I will honor the flag, wrapping myself around it as a patriot would, to protect it, not wrapping it around words or actions to justify that which we know to be a breach of this promise.
The Stars and Stripes is the symbol of what you allegedly came here for; if it, and what it stands for, are hateful to you, then get the hell out! 

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