Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where's a horsewhip when you need one?

Courtesy SayUncle:
EDMOND, OK -- Retired residents in Edmond are fuming over the mess in which their condos now sit. These residents own the condos but Ron Edwards owns the surrounding parts in yellow, according at a map from the County Assessor's Web site. Edwards is now demanding they pay him $80,000 to keep using that driveway.

Hewel Jones said, "He's trying to rob everybody. Somebody made a mistake and he's trying to capitalize on it."

Years ago, the builders never transferred the title and taxes which weren't paid.

The delinquent property was sold in a county sale and Edwards of RJS Properties bought it in 2008 for $2,000.

That's when he sent residents a letter demanding the $80,000.

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JeanC said...

Oh for fucks sake!!!!

Don't have a horsewhip, but I do have a nice aluminum baseball bat that can help get the point across.