Saturday, May 22, 2010

Your Daily "Duh"

Fox News, courtesy NRA-ILA : Mexico`s Calderon Knows Nothing About America`s Gun Laws.
During his trip to the United States Mexico`s President Felipe Calderón received a lot of attention for falsely claiming that Arizona`s new immigration law uses "racial profiling." Calderon`s attacks on U.S. policies continued during his address to Congress on Thursday. Immigration wasn’t his only topic. He spent over four minutes of his address lecturing Americans and calling on them to renew the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that sunset in September 2004.
I mean, it can't actually come as a surprise to John Lott, author of the Fox News piece, that Calderon knows bupkus  about American law, and cares less, since it is painfully obvious to him and anyone else with a room temperature IQ that it's a trait he shares with America's own political elite.

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