Friday, June 25, 2010

60 Years Ago Today

The heroic worker-peasants of the workers' paradise that is the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea arose spontaneously to repel the invasion of the running dog lackey puppets of the evil American Capitalists.

Granted, the South had no intention or desire to invade, and the invasion was planned and launched only after Stalin had given Kim Il Sung, former captain, Soviet Army, the go-ahead...

Turner Classics is running a Korean war movie marathon, with (so far) no mention of the significance of the date.

More from The Beeb; also here.  And Blackfive.  And Urgent Agenda.

My post from 2008.
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The US Korean War Memorial:

This is the Republic of Korea's "Brothers' Memorial", at their Military Museum in Seoul:
One figure is a Republic of Korea soldier, the other is north Korean People' Army.

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