Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Thank you Sir, may I please have another!"

According to Newsalert, Chitown is already planning on being back in court for MacDonald 2:
Chicago's Proposed New Gun Ordinance: Only 1 handgun allowed , Gun Registry, Ban on Gun Stores
CBS Chicago reports on the new draconian handgun regulations in the works from Chicago Corporation Counsel Mara Georges:
She said that limiting Chicago residents to one handgun would pass constitutional muster. Nowhere has the court determined that "a person is entitled to more than one handgun," she said. "And one handgun is sufficient for self defense."
She said banning gun shops in the city is another reasonable restriction. She said studies have shown a disproportionate number of shootings near gun shops and because there are dozens of gun shops in the Chicago area — 40 in Cook County alone — a ban would not inconvenience gun buyers.
So, if I want a .22 to practice with, and a "real" gun for, well, real, I'm SOL? If it's inconvenient (let alone extremely difficult or next to impossible) for me to travel to the 'burbs, where Merchants of Death are allowed, I'm SOL?

Alan Gura made the statement at Gun Blogger's Rendezvous last year--he may have mentioned it to the Supremes, as well--that "If the Constitution says you can have a gun, but the mayor says you can't, then you still don't have a gun." I suspect that he may add "If they say you can have a gun but make you jump through hoops too high for you to jump through, then you still don't have a gun."

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