Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This makes my NCO Soul cry

From the Firearms Blog:A clean wouldn’t hurt:
These photos were taken in 2005 by MisterPX of his custom AR-15 after 15,000 rounds of Wolf ammunition. He had lubed it every 1000 rounds but not cleaned it. A thousand rounds later a bolt lug sheared off and two magazines after that a second lug was lost and at that point he decided to terminate the experiment before something disastrous happened.

users paulb desktop px 1 tm tfb A clean wouldnt hurt photo

users paulb desktop px 2 tm tfb A clean wouldnt hurt photo

MisterPX said ...
Those are my pics. I took those around the 15K mark. Broke a bolt lug around 16K, second lug broke after another mag or two, then I terminated my experiment. Interestingly enough, the bolt release broke in that 15-16 range as well.
...There is a discussion about this rifle and others at ARFCOM.
OTOH, as noted in the ARFCOM thread linked to, I feel better about using that cheap Russki steel-cased crap...

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