Friday, June 4, 2010

Those Wonderful, Kind, Broad-minded Liberals!

Florida pustule REP. ALAN GRAYSON (D-FL) wants Republicans sent to prison, and the Wicked Witch of the White House Press Corps, HELEN THOMAS, says "Jews, get the hell out of Palestine, go to Poland". Coming next: Blacks, go back to

Both from Instapundit, among others.

ADDED:  Poll Question:  Should the White House revoke the press credential of Helen Thomas?


Anthony said...

I thought the Helen Thomas thing was a joke until I saw the video.


Dude, it's like a little nightmare. I've always jokingly called my M4 the cattle-car guard stopper in jest.

Now that's not funny anymore.

D.W. Drang said...

I couldn't bring myself to actually watch the video, just the still turned my stomach, and will probably give me nightmares for a week...

Anthony said...

Don't. Don't watch it. Ever.