Sunday, June 20, 2010

Too Tight To Track?

Or:  Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow... Something.

Last weekend we made the trek down to newly named Joint Base Lewis-McChord--operational cost savings through consolidation of common services and activities, good!  Name, bad--and, after picking up the Kodak Playsport waterproof "share-n-save" camcorder (Kona here we come!  Snorkling, woo-hoo!) we wandered into the Class VI*, and Mrs. Drang decided she needed the pretty bottle...

Well, absinthe is no longer banned in the USA, or in other nations.  So we picked up the bottle out of curiosity.  This evening I decided to try it, using as close to the traditional method as I could get; since we have no actual absinthe glasses, I just poured a shot of the Green Fairy into a highball glass, and held a perforated spoon with a sugar cube on  it over the glass, while dribbling about three ounces of ice water from a sports bottle on to it.

While I have never been a great fan of licorice, the anise taste of the absinthe is combined with a floral taste that is, well, pretty darned good!

Maybe we'll have to pick some glasses, a spoon or two, maybe a fountain...

Absinthe Buyers Guide.

*The Military classes of supply include Class I, subsistence (food & drink), V, ammunition, and VI, "Personal Comfort"; ergo, the PX's liquor store is the Class VI.


JeanC said...

LOL! When the hubby ran out to get me another bottle of rum a couple of weeks ago he picked me up a teeny tiny bottle of the very same absinthe :D

Haven't tried it yet, didn't think it would mix well with rum :D

Since I don't have the proper tools for drinking it, I will probably go with the easy way listed here:

DirtCrashr said...

Do they still make it from wormwood?
It's gotta be better than Jaegermeister.

D.W. Drang said...

absinthe faq: Absinthe Buyers Guide
Q: What is absinthe?

A: Absinthe is a strong-herbal liquor distilled with wormwood and anise. It can contains other aromatic herbs like star anise, anise seed, fennel, licorice, hyssop, veronica, lemon balm, angelica root, dittany, coriander, juniper, and nutmeg.

DirtCrashr said...

Europeans make all kinds of weird drinking concoctions! There's drinky stuff like that in Austria, made from wild, high Alpine wild plants and flowers. Witchcraft. ;-)