Thursday, July 29, 2010


Seattle Gun Examiner, Gun 'Riter Guy, and Holster Maker Dave Workman gives us BREAKING NEWS! SAF’s new Maryland lawsuit shows why ‘shall issue’ law is best:
The Bellevue, WA-based Second Amendment Foundation is at it again, this time filing a federal lawsuit on behalf of a Maryland man whose gun permit renewal was refused because he could not demonstrate “a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger.”
   Thanks to a 25-year-old state statute here in Washington, and a concealed carry law that dates back to 1935, this would not happen in the Evergreen State.
We may not be able to carry in bars, we may be able to own, but not use, a suppressor, and we might have to travel to Idaho or Orygun to handle a gun with a "happy switch" (full auto), but at least we have had "Shall Issue" for years.  Decades, even.  A few years back, the "shall" in "shall issue" was strengthened, by removing any discretion at all for delaying issuance.

Yay, us.
 Back to Maryland:
Raymond Woollard is a Maryland resident whose home was literally invaded by a man on Christmas Eve 2002 as the Woollard family gathered to celebrate the holiday. Woollard grabbed a shotgun, but the thug decided to fight. While they were grapping {sic} over the gun, Woollard’s son grabbed another gun and held the suspect, waiting for the police to arrive.
And therein lies a problem. According to court documents, it took the police “approximately 2.5 hours to arrive” because the local police could not decide in which county Woollard’s home was located.

Of the many t-shirt slogans on the subject of concealed carry--"I Carry A Gun Because A Cop Is Too Heavy", "I Carry A Cop Because I Don't Want My Last Words To Be 'I Wish I Had a Gun'", etc.--I think that "When Seconds Count, The Police Are Minutes Away" may be the most succinct.

Mr. Woolard no doubt wishes that "minutes" had been all he had to wait...

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