Friday, July 16, 2010

QOTD, 07/16/2010

There is nothing beautiful or valuable under heaven but that some one wishes to destroy it in the name of virtue. Sons of darkness! Ye believe triumph is a virtue. Ye believe revenge is a virtue. Ye believe it proves your prowess if ye burn the product of another's labor. Ye believe ye burn up evil. Ye are like the dogs-I say the dogs, who bite the stick that smites them. And why are ye smitten? Because ye are blind, who need not be; because ye are proud without reason; because ye forget ye are sons of Light and dig into the darkness lest the Light should burn the shadows that ye love.
– From the Sayings of the Druid Taliesan
Shortly before leaving for Paradise Kailua-Kona I discovered the Mobile Reader Forums, an online forum dedicated to the various and sundry electronic book reading devises out there.  Aside from answering questions about your particular such dingus (or such dinguses--dingi?--in general) there are many public domain works available for download.  Many, many, many.

Like Talbot Mundy's Tros of Samothrace.  (Which collects all five original titles in one file!)

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