Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review, preview

So, with one week on The Big Island, and almost two years between visits, we try to cram two years of "We gotta do that again!/Wish we's done this last time!" in.

Monday we got a quick tour of the Natural Energy Lab of Hawai'i--a natural for science and technology geeks of all stripes--followed by a visit to the sea horse farms.

Tuesday, we slept late and missed our window for driving to the other side of the island to visit orchid gardens.  (A Mrs. Drang favorite, she was the one who suggested bagging it, not me!)  Then we did another sunset dinner cruise, this one on a Body Glove dive boat, and with a historical theme.  (Music by LT Smooth, who was nominated for a Grammy last year.)

This morning we went snorkeling.  After perusing the options, we told the concierge to show us the trip with the most actual snorkeling, and wound  up on a five hour tour with Sea  Quest.  I ran the battery dead in my Kodak Playsport waterproof digital camcorder, and Mrs. Drang did the same in her newest toy, a dive mask with built-in digital camera/camcorder.  Pics to follow; video if I can figure out how to edit and post them...

Tomorrow is a "Volcano and Lava" tour.  Fourteen hours!  Friday is a "culinary tour" in the morning, followed by (maybe!) a tour of the Kona brewery.

Unless we can arrange an accident--or jobs--we fly back Saturday.  s*i*g*h  (Just in time to miss King Kamehameha Day.)

By the way, it's cooler here than in Seattle.

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DirtCrashr said...

My Costco down the coast here has Kona Longboard Lager and Firerock Pale Ale in mixed cases, now my garage is full too...