Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Anatomy of the latest bailout"

From Toby Toons/Red State, by way of Tax Day Tea Party:
$26 Billion Bailout
Cross-Posted: TobyToons, Redstate
Did the Lamestream Media even cover this steamin' pile o' dung? Or did you have to find out about it from The Blogs? And I'm not talkin' HuffPo or Daily Kos, either!

{Disclosure: I admit that I don't watch TV or read more than the Sunday paper, which we mostly get for sale ads and coupons, book and movie reviews, and the crossword puzzles. Stopped getting the paper the rest of the week when I realized I could print out the Friday and Saturday NY Times puzzles--the only remaining reason for the NY Times to remain in business, as far as I can see--whenever I wanted, and the Seattle Times' subscription department couldn't handle a simple "Friday/Saturday/Sunday" delivery option, even though they list just that on their friggin' web site. Totally screwed up the billing, too.
{I get the news from feeds of one source or another, either on my Droid or the computer. Seems to leave me as well, or better, informed as anyone else, even when I just skim headlines.}

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