Monday, August 30, 2010

"Communications Academy Lite"

I've written before about the Communications Academy, held locally every April to help prepare Amateur Radio operators to prepare for emergency/disaster response/recovery.  It always has several simultaneous programming tracks, of various sorts, but one--and one of the most popular--is always "Ham Radio For Beginners."

Now it has been decided to run "Comm Academy Lite" in the fall (October 2), which will consist solely of the "Beginners" track.
We are offering a limited edition Fall Academy , focused on newly licensed hams, as well as those CERT, SAR, and other disciplines, who use radios, but are new to it. It is an expanded version of the Beginner's Track offered at the Spring Communications Academy. This will provide information on how to select a radio, how to talk on the radio, operating on nets, and other topics of interest to new communicators. This will take you to the next level, now that you have your license.

Registration for it should open tomorrow. I hope to see a lot of you newly licensed hams there. Please share with others who might be interested.

SAVE THE DATE: Spring Communications Academy will be April 16-17 at S. Seattle Community College.
If you would like more information click the link above, or you can contact me at the blog, or my blog email address, and I will forward you the contact info that came with the email.

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