Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, which comes on Saturday this week...

I've been posting the weekly Big Island Travelogue on Friday.  Except this week it's on Saturday.  Well, it's Friday somewhere.. (Hey, it works for Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet...)  Today, I think, mostly flowers.  All I know about them is "Gee, that's pretty... I think."  So all I have to do is choose and upload. And chase cats off the keyboard.

This one was taken on our 2008 trip. I have no idea what it is...

Another from 2008.

Not a flower, but who could resist a neat tree like this?
Also from 2008.

Speaking of neat trees, this one I'm sitting on fell down, 
but was "caught" by another, and not uprooted...

And it continues to grow, as you can see at the left side of this photo.

Hey, it was Hawai'i, gotta have the palm tree and waves pic...

Orchid, I think.

Le'hua blossom, of the O'heeo tree.
Outside Volcanoes National Park Visitor's center

Hawai'ian Christmas tree?  Flora makes a comeback in the lava field.

Heliconia blossom.

We took a culinary home tour.
This lotus had just bloomed.

From the same house.  Amazing place.
I won't post photos of the interior, out of respect for their privacy,
but it had Mrs. Drang and I hyperventilating.
We were grateful we had completed our remodels before seeing it...

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