Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shooty Goodness, Part II

Gun Show today.  Intended to replenish my ammo stocks after yesterdays range session, but couldn't remember what I have, so wasn't sure what I need.  .45 ACP and .38 Special, but what?  I'm OK on hardball range ammo--could use more, but should be all right next time out--but could stand to stock up on hollow point for self-defense.

Got to fondle the new S&W Bodyguard .38.  It's smaller than Mrs. Drang's Ruger LCR, and is pretty much completely redesigned from the previous J-Frame models.  (Not even sure it should be considered a J Frame...)  So, do I still want a S&W 642 to carry as an alternative to the (Second Amendment Foundation Heller Commemorative) 442, or do I want the Bodyguard...?   Decisions, decisions!  (The 642 is covered by the current $50 cash rebate offer...)

Bought a t-shirt from Banterwear.  He has good stuff.  Some of it's guaranteed to get on The List when The Day comes.  (Assuming you're not already on The List, and if not, why not?)  Recommended.

Ran into some co-workers.  Saw no one I knew from  Came home to clean guns from yesterday--I didn't get to it right away, because Mrs. Drang called and said she had a metric buttload (a precision term, I'll have you know!) of stuff to do, and she couldn't get it all done and make her bus, so could I provide chauffeur services at about 5:30?  Checked the traffic sites, looked bad, so I left early enough to get there--and the Department of Transportation lies--go there at 5.  She wound up finishing after 6, at that, so I could have done at least a partial cleaning and then gone.  Oh well...

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