Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Crummy Day In Paradise...

Thinking about Gun Blogger Rendezvous this morning--what guns should I take?--I remembered that Sebastien and Bitter are going to Hawai'i instead.  (From what I can glean of their itinerary, they could stop in Reno on the way home and do both, but that's probably not feasible), which reminded me that it has been over a week since I tantalized anyone with photos from Our Summer Vacation.

On Monday we visited the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm.   They raise seahorses for the aquarium market, this preserving the wild population.  Interesting, but I could have done without the political subtext in the tour, and I question the science behind some of what was being spouted.  I'll talk about that in a separate post, if at all.

Here, Mrs. Drang makes friends with a sea horse.

On Tuesday we took a Historical Sunset Dinner Cruise, on a Body Glove catamaran.  They do dive and snorkeling excursions during the day, and the occasional sunset dinner cruise.  This one went south down the Kona Coast to Kealakekua Bay, stopping occasionally on the way to see the historical and cultural sights.

We saw some Spinner Dolphins on the way; these  are supposedly the only breed of dolphins that will do the jumping and flipping "thing" with out being trained.

I also saw a Flying Fish, but didn't have a chance to get a picture of it.   (Obviously, it was conspiring with all those sea turtles everyone else sees.)

(On the other hand, no one else saw the flying fish...)

The Captain Cook Memorial at Kealakekua Bay marks the spot where he was killed.   This is actually Crown Land, ceded to the United Kingdom years ago; every year one of Her majesty's ships anchors in the bay to maintain the grounds.

And as the sun sets on yet another crummy day in paradise...

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