Monday, September 13, 2010

GBR Range Day

Some pics, more or less randomly selected from those that turned out best.
Lori Petoske of Ruger shoots Tootsie's (True Blue Sam's mom) Ruger Mark III.
GG of Girls Heart Guns tries Derek The Packing Rat's AR
US Citizen rang the 350 yard gong with his semi-auto Thompson!
I didn't...
He also let me shoot his Kris Super-V. In fact, he insisted that we help him not have to take ammo back. 

I would be more than glad to take any "excess" .45 AP off anyone's hands...

GG about to try Kevin's 1911

And my Smith and Wesson Model 625-8, also in .45 ACP.
Beneath the starry flag
Civilize 'em with a Krag...

DirtCrashr was kind enough to allow me to shoot his .30-40 Krag.  DirtCrashr rang the gong; again, I did not, although I do believe that I had it seriously considering hanging up it's bolo and going back to herding carabao.
The front sight of this thing is slim and sharp enough to double as a back-up bayonet.


Mason@CST said...

Nice pics! Mike and I were jealous that we missed shooting the Thompson. Great meeting you at GBR 2010.

GG said...

Thanks for the pics of me shooting. I appreciate it.