Friday, September 24, 2010

GBR-V Swag

So, I finally remembered where I hid the swag from myself, dug it out, and sorted through it; while I didn't win a Major Prize!, I'm happy with what I got.

Well, OK, it would have been nice to win a Glock... Or a discount on a Para... Or...

  • Crimson Trace t-shirt
  • Brownell's gun oil, in those little single-use pouches up front.  I got 6 or 7 of those little pouches; I think they just kept shoveling them into a garbage bag until it was full. Other folks got Brownell's AR-15 mags, but I have a few mags already, so I passed.  I suppose I may regret that..
  • t-shirt.  The site should be active in a week or so; if you click the link it will take you to the home page to register for notification when it is.
Midway USA T-shirts, 2 each, front and back
Midway USA "tactical" pistol cases, Olive Drab in color, 2 each, also front and back.

These are nice, padded, and the two large pockets on the back zip open along the top and the "inside."

They are sized right for my range bag, as well.

 Detail of magazine pouches, 7 each, on side of Midway USA "tactical" pistol case.

Note to self:  Buy more 1911 mags!
 Lori Petoske of Ruger brought us all a cap, a travel mug, and a briefcase/laptop case.

 It's pretty much a standard briefcase/laptop case, except inside one outside pocket there is a large expanse of velcro, and a strip of cordura nylon...

...which turns out to be a holster, here modeled by Mrs. Drang's Ruger LCR.

Sorry, no pics of the LCR alone, she's shy...

 Back during the Viet Nam War Special Forces teams started a new military tradition, the challenge coin.  Everyone on the team was supposed to carry his at all times, if someone issued a "Coin Check" in the bar, anyone who didn't have theirs owed everyone else a round.  If everyone had theirs, the challenger bought a round.

Eventually, the practice spread to the rest of the Army, and then the other services; now, The Brass all carry their own coins to give to a soldier who has done something outstanding, or as sort of a durable calling card for a souvenir.  I've got a dozen or two myself.

Now I have a new one, from Jeff Bader of Soldier's Angels.

The obverse...

..and the reverse.
Swag from Springfield Armory: 
  • Mouse pad
  • Ball point pen
  • Stickers (two kinds)
  • Paddle holster for a Springfield XD pistol  (I don't have one--yet.  One is on the way.)
  • A "Team Springfield"  lapel pin, not shown here.  I'll probably find it in the middle of the night...
  • The XD can cozy is actually from last year; last year there were also patches and t-shirts.

There was other swag, this is what followed me home.

And, finally, the FTC can KMA.

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