Thursday, September 16, 2010

He's mad, I tell you, mad! (Additional lunacy)

According to this item, linked at
Obama Endorses Global Taxes on Eve of U.N. Summit
By Cliff Kincaid | September 16, 2010In a classic case of misdirection, while the media are preoccupied with the fate of the Bush tax cuts, President Obama is preparing to attend a United Nations summit next week to endorse “innovative finance mechanisms”—global taxes—to drain even more wealth out of the U.S. economy.
A draft “outcome document” produced in advance of the September 20-22 U.N. Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) commits the nations of the world to supporting “innovative financing mechanisms” to supplement foreign aid spending.
The term “innovative financing mechanisms” is a U.N. euphemism for global taxes. But the document actually goes further, praising the “Task Force on International Financial Transactions for Development” for its work on the subject of mobilizing additional “resources” for countries to achieve the MDGs. This is a body tasked with proposing and implementing global tax schemes.
So, dictators kids need new limos are starving in Africa, so I have to pay taxes to the United Nations?!

Are you out of your commie mind?

But wait! There's more!  Tax Day Tea Party/ further reports that

Obama Science Czar John P. Holdren Says He Would Use ‘Free Market’ to ‘De-Develop the United States’
Posted on September 17, 2010 by Steve Foley
In a video interview this week, White House Office of Science and Technology Director John P. Holdren told that he would use the “free market economy” to implement the “massive campaign” he advocated along with Paul Ehrlich to “de-develop the United States.”

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