Thursday, September 30, 2010

More reasons to avoid The City (their "The City")

Seattle Mayor McGinn has announced plans to jack parking rates, and other automobile-associated fees in The City, through the roof.

Plus--oh, joy!--they are now implanting "Bike Boxes".

What may look to some like a green crosswalk at East Pine Street and 12th Avenue will actually be the city's first bike box....
Signs at the intersection will help motorists and cyclists know how to use the new bike box, the news release said. Basically, when the light is red, motorists will stop before the box and cyclists will enter it. The cyclists will go first when the light turns green, and motorists will continue after them.

Well, what a relief, bicyclists in Seattle are nowhere near obnoxious enough...

UPDATED:  Courtesy RNS, Sound Politics has more links.

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