Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Story So Far

Saturday of Gun Blogger Rendezvous V is moving into evening and pizza, courtesy the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  Been busy:

  • 12 hours to drive down Thursday.  Crashed shortly after dinner with the early arrivals.  
  • Breakfast on the NRA's tab--guess it's cheaper than those wheelbarrows full of cash I keep hearing gun bloggers get--and then range Friday AM, Show and Tell Friday afternoon, dinner at Gecko's BBQ, crashed shortly after.   (Rachel Parsons of the NRA is recovering from a medical emergency, alas, and could not make it.  Get better soon!)
  • Breakfast, and then back to the range for Steel Challenge Shooting this morning; we just back.  Time for a quick shower, then NSSF will talk about bloggers' places in the firearms industry--apparently, I can now be credentialed as a "journalist" for SHOT Show and the like!--and then pizza, and the raffle.  Hopefully, I can stay up late enough tonight that I don't wake up at 5 AM and not be able to get back to sleep....
  • Different range tomorrow morning, for Cowboy Fast Draw, and then home.  Like I said, it's a long drive, hopefully I won't have to pull over in a rest area in Oregon for a "power nap""--but I will if I need to.
  • The  back home to the Birthday Bearcat.

I'll post photos and maybe some video (if it turned out decent) later, with a fuller description of events.  Now, I have to go retrieve some laundry from the Bell Desk...

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