Friday, September 17, 2010

Save the bulb!

Donny Baseball shares the"Best News I've Heard All Week":
Yes! Save my incandescents and my liberty! This still needs to pass, but I remain hopeful. Otherwise I will be that crazy guy going to Home Depot every weekend to grab as many as I can in order to hoard 10 years worth of incandescents. Also, this is not just about energy, but is every bit a bellweather personal freedom issue. Although it quite sad that the lowly light bulb is now a talisman of our once protected freedoms. Tells you how far we've sunk into petty tyranny...
Really, there's so much wrong with the whole CFL bulb thing, do we really need to add to the imbalance of foreign trade, not to mention axing 200+ more jobs in the current economy?

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