Friday, September 17, 2010

Skin That Smokewagon! GBR V--The Preliminaries

Some videos I shot on GBR-V Sunday.  This year the Cowboy Fast Draw was held at their location at the Sage Hills Sporting Clays Club.

A quick view of the range:
A quick view of the gear; "traps", as they were called back when my father was tipping me to spit-shine his...

And a quick shot of some of the guns we used.   Rugers and Berettas are mostly used these days.  Alas, Lori Petoske of Ruger had to fly out early that morning...

I forgot I was supposed to be recording, and didn't "pull the trigger", so to speak, until Quick Cal had already spoken about how Cowboy Fast Draw was the original action shooting sport.  It had it's origin in the old "Big Bear Leather Slap Days", where Jeff Cooper, Ray Chapman, Thel Reed, and others had their start. These developed into the other "action sports", that is, IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Single Action Shooting Society.  He also talked about how competition "tools" or "gimmicks" from Cowboy Fast Draw and other forms of action shooting can turn into industry standards, just like things in Indy or Daytona racing can wind up being standard, or even requirements, on cars.

(My late-starting video of Cal's talk runs 16 minutes, and my computer chokes trying to upload it.  I'll see if I can edit it down to smaller, more palatable chunks.)

 Note: My Cowboy Fast Draw posts from GBR-IV last year are at

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