Friday, September 24, 2010

Veeeeedy Interesting....

The King County Library System is replacing it's online catalog/account management software with an Open Source, system.  Details, such as they are, here.
The new library catalog is a result of a collaborative effort between KCLS and several partner libraries. KCLS has been working to develop an Open Source Library System, called Evergreen, since 2006. As traditional vendor managed software does not allow for much customization, the Evergreen system was first developed by a library system in Georgia. KCLS’ role in its evolution has been to take a modestly functional system and develop it with a wide array of features. As KCLS is taking the lead on further developing the software, the project is being watched closely by public libraries nationally with great interest.
And there I thought the old on-line system was pretty cool; can't wait to see what they come up with.

The system has been unavailable since Monday evening; I never really realized just how much checking my account had become a habit; I am actually getting a little antsy.  Went to drop off a couple of books yesterday, I had a couple more I wanted to add to my wait list, but I couldn't add "holds" in the library, either. 

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