Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bargaining Position, et. al

Following Bobbi's recommendation ("The Adventures of Roberta X: More Book News") I looked up Carl Bussjaeger and downloaded his books, Net Assets, The Anarchists, and Bargaining Position.

Those first two links go to the Smashwords pages to download the books; they are also available on Amazon as paperbacks and in Kindle format.  The third link goes to Mr. Bussjaeger's "fiction" page, where you will find a link to send him the princely sum of  $5.00 to purchase and download Bargaining Position directly from him, as the "publisher" of his first two books has yet to send him a dime.

Despite touting the books on the  MobileRead Forums.  (I sent Mr. Bussjaeger an email pointing out that the Mobile Read Forums have a forum specifically for Author Self-Promotions, so he can find a wider audience than what Near Space Pirates Press is providing him.)

Did you know that the Libertarian Futurist Society has The Prometheus Award specifically for Libertarian-Themed Science Fiction?  (Okay, did you know there was a Libertarian Futurist Society?  Yeah, me neither, and I'm a little embarrassed by that.  Gonna have to un-GAFIAte* one of these years...)

*GAFIA:  Science Fiction fandom acronym--fen outdo the .gov on this count--for Getting Away From It All.  Usually means someone burned out putting on cons, etc., and is taking  a break.  Or got a job that somehow prevented their participation.

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