Friday, October 8, 2010

Take the Initiative!

Here in Washington AC, we, the people (definitely lower case here) have the ability to place Initiatives on the ballot, by the simple process of having a certain number of we, the people, sign a petition.  Assuming the signatures pass the vetting process,  the initiative for, say, requiring that any tax increases be passed by at least a two thirds majority in the state legislature, becomes Law.

This works so well that we have passed the two-thirds majority requirement for tax increases three times, and those God-damned slime ball Demonrats in Olympia keep ignoring or shit-canning it.

I say next time the law include mandatory impeachment for any congress-critter who even thinks about suggesting ignoring the will of the people, but then, I also say "Tar, feathers, some assembly required".

Anyway, this year we once again have several Initiatives on the ballot statewide.
The links go to the Washington Policy Center's  information pages for each initiative; from Election Resources from Washington Policy Center which also includes the following two links:

 For anyone who cares, here are Drang's Recommendations:
  • Proposition 1:  No.  Actually, Hell, no.  Don't play politics with Public Safety, you frigging commies.
  • Spokane Children's Investment Fund Initiative:  See Proposition 1.  
  • 1100 and 1105:  Yes to 1100, no to 1105.  Actually, either is important, to end the state's monopoly on liquor sales, but 1100 "offers more market freedom because it would end the prohibition-era distribution requirements and quantity discount restrictions for retailers." (No one's quite sure what will happen if they both pass; I prefer not to find out.)
  • 1053:  Yes.  Hells, yeah! 
  • 1107:  Ditto.  The new "sales tax on candy", which turns out to be a sales tax on lots of food, is structured stupidly.  In fact, it may be a textbook case of just how stoopid government can get.  "Yes on 1107" has a handy chart here
  • Referendum 52: Hell no!  Damn all watermelons and their stupid, money-wasting "green" initiatives.  Which raises the tax on bottled water, which, BTW, 1107 would end. 
  • Initiative 1098:  Lamppost, rope, some assembly required.  BTW, did we mention that the Washington State Constitution specifically bans income taxes?
  • Initiative 1082:  Free market, baby.  Get the state out of the insurance business, maybe we won't have to drink so much...
I do believe that this is the first time I will vote "yes" on more so many initiatives than I voted "no" on{Looking at the list again, I realized I am still voting against more than I am supporting...}


AuricTech said...

I take it that Washington's initiative process doesn't allow for initiatives that amend the state constitution?

(BTW, found your blog while poking around on

D.W. Drang said...

"The initiative’s only limitation is that it cannot be used to amend the state constitution."