Saturday, November 6, 2010

Born To Lose?

Missed this bit from William Katz's Urgent Agenda on Thursday:
AP PICKS MURRAY – AT 9:25 P.M. ET: Associated Press has just projected incumbent Democratic Senator Patti Murray as the winner in the Washington state Senate race. UPDATE: Republican Dino Rossi has just conceded to Murray.

Murray's strength was mostly in the Seattle area. Seattle has become San Francisco lite, and is becoming famous for "progressive" policies to make us better, kinder, and eternally immature people.

Both California, with Babs Boxer, and Washington state, with Patti Murray, have now returned two utterly ineffectual and incoherent senators to the Senate. The only thing that will stop this would be raising the voting age in those two states to 78.
I have to disagree with Mr. Katz about one thing:  The over 70 set in Washington State, especially in the Skedaddle area, are all left-over New Deal Progressives who grew up regarding Social Security as their God-given right, and later internalized Medicare and Medicaid, and regard the AARP as the finest humanitarian organization on Earth.

I knew I was going to be saddled with the "ineffectual, incoherent" Murray (D-imwit, commonly regarded as the stupidest member of the upper house) for another 6 years when Dino "Born To Lose" Rossi declared.

I was particularly aggravated with him for waiting until the last minute to file for the Primary, because there were others who began their campaigns over a year out; instead, Dino "The Ditherer" pretended not to notice the endless speculation about whether he would run or not.  Then, he flew back to DC to meet with the universally despised RNC Chairman Michael "Incoherent and Ineffectual" Steele before making his announcement.

Which, BTW, further stirred up The Base, such as it is in the Soviet of Washington, by insulting and infuriating those who had begun running long before Rossi made up his mind.

I have to laugh at the GOP Old Timers* who are trying to claim that the Tea Party Movement cost the GOP the Senate.  Puh-lease:  You clowns did as well as you did because of the Tea Party Movement, and despite your own efforts to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Rossi's campaign is as shining an example of the GOP being it's own worst enemy as Sharon Angle's or Christine O'Donnell's.

*Trent Lott and Lindsey Graham.  Newt Gingrich needs a good dose of STFU, too.  Darrel Issa needs a time-out, to say the least.  Is it too soon after the election to fire Michael Steele?


Anthony said...

This post is full of win.

DirtCrashr said...

At least you guys avoided the tax-the-rich initiative!