Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movie I gotta see

Uncle Jimbo reviews Escanaba In Da Moonlight.

A movie about Yoopers.  Yoopers deer hunting, at that.

Years ago Mrs. Drang and I rented a camper from outdoor rec' and headed east, for the big Drang family reunion.  Saw a lot of Michigan.  Driving around the eastern end of the UP Mrs. Drang sez "It's like Washington, without the mountains.  Do you want to retire here?"  I said "See the  really wide shoulders on this two-lane highway?"  She did.  "See those tall red poles at the sides of the road?"  She wasn't blind.  "The poles are so the snowplow driver knows where the road is, and the shoulders are so he has someplace to put the snow."

So here we are in Washington...


TrueBlueSam said...

Climate in da UP: Eleven months of winter, thirty days of rain.

D.W. Drang said...

And bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.