Sunday, November 21, 2010

Obama defends TSA searches, though he admits that he doesn't know how invasive it is

From John Lott: Obama defends TSA searches, though he admits that he doesn't know how invasive it is:
Because, of course, the TSA doesn't screen everybody about to board Air farce One.

OTOH, and FWIW, Glenn Reynolds shares this:
SO IS THIS CONSOLATION, OR DOES IT MAKE THINGS WORSE? TSA Agents Absolutely Hate New Pat Downs, Find Them Disgusting And Morale Breaking.
I imagine they would.  Last I heard, there 40-50,000 screeners employed by the TSA, and I have a hard time believing they are all such unfeeling drones that  they would enjoy this process.  Not to mention the absolutely lousy PR.

Too bad His Imperial Majesty has managed to make a poor economy worse, so the choice for these folks is an unsavory job, or unemployment.

UPDATED:  Also by way of Instapundit, some further thoughts from No One Of Any Import.
The real problem is this:  ”zero tolerance” policies.
Libertarian and conservative types are particularly repulsed by zero tolerance policies, methinks.  We want to be treated as individuals.  We want to use our own God-given common sense, and we want others to do the same.
Zero-tolerance policies do not allow this.  In fact, such policies are created to stop case-by-case judgments.  The individual TSA agent is technically not allowed to make any tough calls.  He must simply implement policy, regardless of the result.
I will say this:  exception-making is a deal-breaker.  I understand that CAIR has requested an exception for Islamic women who wear long, tent-like coverings.  Nevermind the zero tolerance policy.  Nevermind the fact that, regardless of the religious persuasion, large swathes of draping fabric can hide just about anything:
{video removed.  DWD}

The whole reason we are supposed to be willing to suffer this crap is because everyone is supposed to suffer it, no exceptions.  Isn’t that the point to frisking nuns and preschoolers?  To say, “see, we aren’t discriminating against anyone.  We don’t make exceptions!”
If they make exceptions,  then I will have a problem with resigning to TSA’s zero tolerance policy.  Even if I have to PCS across an ocean.  I’ll let you know if I expect to be the star in my very own “don’t touch our junk” video exclusive . . .


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