Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project Valour-IT

Blatently stolen borrowed in admiration of his artistry and succinct messaging from Delta Bravo Sierra:
Alright boys and girls. It’s fund raising time for Soldiers Angels: Project Valour-IT. You can donate here by pressing the little green button up on the top left of your screen or you can find more info from the other green button OR by following the link in this post. Your choice.

PS:  I posted this on my netbook.  The entire comic does not show on this itty-bitty, but oh-so efficient screen.  Click the image to see the whole thing.  In fact, even of you're on some fancy-schmancy 23" wide screen LED flat panel, you should do that anyhoo, to scope out Mr. DBS' work in his real AO, it's natural habitat, so to speak.  Maybe buy a coffee cup, or some coffee, from him.

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