Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weather Update, Updated

Still cold, stopped snowing and then started up again, and hasn't really stopped, although at this point it's more blowing flakes than snowing.

Mrs. Drang left work early and changed to the light rail system downtown, rather than her usual bus--which lets her off half a block from our house, except the snow route is to simply cancel the run altogether, so who knows?--so I went to pick her up at the SeaTac Airport light rail station, which is the last stop, 7 miles from home.

The 14-mile round trip took two hours.

I'll post about that ordeal later, if at all, but I will say that I had been embarrassed to be driving a Government Motors product; I'm still not happy with Government Motors, but the DrangMobile rocks.

Ratbane went out before I left and hasn't been home since.

The weather forecast for the rest of the week has been steadily deteriorating along with current conditions.  Mrs. Drang is not going to work today, and maybe not tomorrow.

I'm hoping she'll be here to let Ratbane in when he decides to leave whatever warm, dry, cozy haven he found and come home.

Stay safe, Buddy.

UPDATE:  Mrs. Drang called about 1 PM to announce that we were back at 100% Fur Persons. 

When I got home, Ratbane was curled up and snoozing on Mrs. Drang's piano, his favorite spot besides the laundry basket.
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