Friday, December 10, 2010

A correction

In comments to my post from November 6th regarding His Imperial Majesty's jaunt to India, I mentioned Carl Bussjaeger, and suggested that everyone buy his books.

In comments to my post, Mr. Bussjaeger disagrees.
Carl Bussjaeger said...
"Anyway, from links at Carl Bussjaeger's--buy his books!--"

I realize this is a little late, but I just noticed it. Actually...

Don't buy my books. But thanks for the kind words.

I'm not being paid for them; no advance, no royalties. Near Space Press and the Benner family don't answer any comments, emails, or postal letters. I've asked them to pay. No response. I've asked them to stop selling my books for their own profit. No response.

You can -- for no charge at all -- download Net Assets (PDF) and the sequel, Bargaining Position (.doc) at my website. I may or may not put up the short stories from the anthology. I will not post the version which NSP is selling because it is crap; major misspellings, formatting errors, missing material (maybe 15-20% of what was supposed to be there), and unapproved changes.

I say "may" because this grand experiment in writing for a living is over, and I don't really want to bother with reformatting and assembling the stories again. 
So, if you purchase Mr. Bussjaeger's works from or Smashwords, he sees no profit.

According to Mr. Bussjaeger's blog (link above) he has had several mystery calls claiming that the books will be pulled from Amazon, etc., but not actually following up.

The paperback edition of The Lord The Rings that Mrs. Drang and I both have is the U.S. Ballentyne edition that includes the note from Professor Tolkein regarding "respect for the author" demanding that we purchase editions of his work that will result in him getting the money (among other things) due him.

Apparently, Derek Benner of Near Space Press suffered a heart attack and died. Tragic, no doubt.  This does not change the fact that he did, in fact, steal Carl Bussjaeger's work.

Perhaps the Science Fiction Writer's of America would be interested?

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