Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just another day...

So yesterday morning, as I left for The Salt Mines, it was raining and snowing, both.  By the time I got to Phoenix The Salt Mines, it had stopped.  Later that morning, the normal gloomy gray winter skies started to turn this odd color, I think they call it floo or something like that. They they turned their normal, welcoming gray, and it started to snow again.  Except it wasn't snow, it was sleet graupel.  Coming down hard and fast.  We got about an inch in ten minutes.  Then it stopped and the sky turned that weird color again, ploo or whatever it's called.

Then, on the way home from work, not only were the skies that strange clue color, but The Prophecies came true and the Yellow Sky Demon came out.  For once, the locals did not panic.  Maybe they were numb.

By the time Mrs. Drang came home from work, the skies were their normal overcast--of course, the Yellow Sky Demon had long since tired of toying with us, and had crawled back into his cavern--and it had started rain/snowing again.

Then the Yellow Sky Demon belched at us from his cave.  He may have been hiding, but the sound was amplified by the topography.  Some pedant said that it was only thunder and lightning, but we rarely get these things here even in spring and summer, let alone winter.

Some say that we have angered the acolytes of the great prophet Gore, and are being punished.  Others point out that the Goracle admitted to only being in it for the money and power, and getting his chakras released, so WTF, BBQ?

This morning the skies are once again gloo, the streets look like sheet ice, the lawn is still covered with hail graupel, and the pickup truck I borrowed from a buddy to haul scrap wood and the like to the transfer station is frozen shut, so I guess I'll have another cup of coffee and play some more solitaire...

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